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About the Author

Constance Studer is a retired registered nurse and a lover of people, poetry and writing. These passions are exemplified in her current works as a writer of poetry, creative nonfiction and short fiction about her life experiences.


She earned a diploma from the Toledo Hospital School of Nursing and a BA in English Literature from Illinois College, Jacksonville, Illinois.


As a young adult, she spent many years in Holland, Amsterdam, where she further developed a passion for people and again learned the motto "doe geen kwaad," do no harm. Through this experience she knew she had to tell a story about her life, the people she had come in contact with, and the patients she had taken care of.


While working many years and long hours as a registered nurse in Intensive Care-Coronary Care and as a hospital supervisor, she went on to earn a Master of Arts in English Literature and Creative Writing from the University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado. Regrettably, due to disability, she was forced to retire from nursing. Luckily, she never retired from writing.


For Constance, writing is its own reward, but she also enjoys the fact that her readers can relate to her stories and gain inspiration and insight. Her writing has also been acknowledged by numerous esteemed organizations, some of which include the Ucross Foundation, Hedgebrook, and the Rocky Mountain Women's Institute, Denver, Colorado. She has also received grants for her writing from the Neodata Foundation, the Arts and Humanities Assembly of Boulder and the Katherine Sharp Rachlis Memorial Grant from the Ludwig Vogelstein Foundation, New York.